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Time Cell Purchase Considerations

Our Guarantee
Time Cell saves money by reducing the expense of gathering time information and increases revenue by catching lots of work that normally "falls through the cracks." If you are not fully satisfied after 30 days of using Time Cell, simply return it and we'll return your money.

Per Seat Pricing with Volume Discounts
Pricing is based on the number of computers tracked (even if 3 shifts run on the same computer it counts as one seat).

Support and Maintenance Option
Time Cell maintenance is based on the $219 per seat retail cost which includes the Manager (server) software for free. Because Time Cell quickly becomes an integral part of your business process, we offer pre-purchased annual support and maintenance of 30% per year. So on a $219 initial price, if you add $65.70, you are assured the latest version for 2 years (1 additional) or add $131.40 for 3 years coverage. This yearly renewal will guarantee you the latest version of our software and full phone and email support during normal business hours. Also, by pre-purchasing, you can lock in today's price for the number of years you purchase. If you opt out of the support plan, your upgrades will be subject to normal upgrade pricing—60% of whatever the current price is.

Adding Licenses
If at a later date you decide to add more licenses, we've made it easy. All you need to do is get a new license code and enter it into one place.

If you choose not to take advantage of our pre-pay 30% per year annual renewal, you can upgrade at any time for 60% of current retail price at the time of upgrade.

Buy CapturePack and Save More
If you are also interested in capturing billable printing that takes place in your organization, CapturePack offers your best value by including Print Cell for 50% off.

Buy On-line or Off-line
Licenses can be purchased via the Time & Print web store or by calling toll-free: 888-458-6698.