Time Cell X is a precision time and activity tracking solution designed for single-users, freelancers, or anyone looking to track time and activity more accurately, with less effort.

Time Cell X has been seen to pretty much double billable hours simply by virtue of setting the billing increment to the standard 15 minutes. This way all those "little" (otherwise forgotten) things such as corrections and minor adjustments add up fast!

Time Cell X utilizes an automated work timer to capture all time associated with worked-on documents in any standard Mac or PC application (coming soon). That means you don't have to click manual timers, or worry about manually entering data, to know how much time you spent on which client. Time Cell X effortlessly tracks time and activities for you, ensuring precision billing on every job. Add expenses such as materials or travel related to have all your billing in one place.

At any time, you can create detailed billing invoices by running a report on your collected information. Time Cell X will pay for itself practically on the first day you use it...it's that good!

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You'll be amazed how easily Time Cell X gathers data so you don't have to. You might just wonder how you ever managed without it.


  • Set custom billing increment and time behaviors
  • Billing rates per client
  • Add to convenient recurring task list
  • Automatic or manual timer pauses when document not active of computer sleeping
  • Track expenses too with a separate Expense Entry dialog
  • Track application usage
  • Conveniently time phone calls, meetings, dining, etc.
  • Highly detailed reports catch EVERYTHING you do so clients can't complain
  • Export to Excel or Numbers and other programs

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Time Cell X* 7.1.1

Automated and Manual Time & Expense Tracking for Individuals


Apple OS X 10.7+

*suitable alternative for CaptureWorks TaskCapture