Print Cell monitors printing activity on Mac OS X from any application, with no special print servers required. Once installed, all postscript printing using common print drivers will cause a small dialog box to appear, allowing (or requiring—it's up to you) users to enter a job number from a centrally controlled list to complete printing.

Print Cell can also be configured to govern the usage of printer resources, requiring users to enter a password before printing. The information Print Cell collects can become a veritable goldmine for those billing for prints.

All Print Cell data is collected to a central database (included) which can be easily viewed, or used to generate detailed, customized reports using all manner of filter criteria.

Tracked information includes:

•   Number of pages •   Document Name
•   Number of copies •   User Name
•   Date & Time •   Print Category
•   Client •   Comment
•   Job Number •   Page Geometry
•   Printer Name •   Page Sizes
•   Color or Black and White •   Project
•   Application Name •   Paper type

The Print Cell dialog appears when users print, requiring all print jobs to be assigned to the proper job, client, or billing code. With the Time & Print Manager, you can customize the labels on pop-up menus, as well as control which menus appear.

Efficient Reporting (for Mac OS X)
The Time & Print Manager simplifies access to all print data, while providing a powerful way to create useful reports. Simple querying of printing activity using multiple search criteria renders only the data you need to see. With this feature, you can easily summarize printing activity, create custom reports, export data as .csv, XML, or custom formats, or simply view printing activity periodically.

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Print Cell* 7.0

Automated Print Tracking for Work Groups

*suitable alternative for CaptureWorks PrintCapture


Mac OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks)**

** can be used in conjunction with CaptureWorks PrintCapture 6 for older systems